It does not have to be different but it can be.

That is the ethos behind the products made by Ibis, innovators in the funeral branch. Death is a part of life and a coffin says a lot about your attitude to life.
Ibis designs and makes innovative funeral products such as coffins and memorials. The coffins are made in small batches and are in stock at all times.
Ibis coffins and biers have a contemporary design, warm feel and provide scope for new mourning rituals. The open caskets for example are an in-between form of a bier and a traditional coffin and have a very open character. The lids of the caskets and the Sakkara model are comprised of 7 loose planks. These can be fitted one for one, often at intervals, until the body slowly disappears out of view.
The handles run right round the sides of all the models so that the coffin bearers form a circle.
Ibis coffins are left unvarnished so that family and friends can inscribe their final messages.
Our coffins can help you take leave of your loved-one in a warm, personal and sensitive way.

Hans in de werkplaats

Hans in de werkplaats

Some examples


De Ode

[bezoekadres.en]: Levantkade 51, 1019 MJ Amsterdam

[contact_telefoon.en]: 020 4190882


De Zwaan Uitvaarten

[bezoekadres.en]: Nieuwe Koekoekstraat 101, 3514 ED Utrecht

[contact_telefoon.en]: 030 238 00 38


SENS uitvaarten

[bezoekadres.en]: Palestrinastraat 1-B, 3533 EH Utrecht

[contact_telefoon.en]: 030 7370202